BRIAN SCHWEITZER, Governor of Montana

“As a former Governor of Montana, I’ve worked with scores of local legislators and many high-ranking national politicians. The good ones in the bunch had a couple of things in common: They can relate to the people they represent. They have a clear vision for tackling the most important issues of the day, and they will work with folks from both parties to get things done.

That’s why I am endorsing Jack Ballard for U.S. Congress in 2022. Jack understands the people of Montana. When I sent him a note the other day, he apologized for a delayed reply because he was busy replacing a toilet for a tenant in a one-bedroom apartment. This lifelong Montanan has had enough irons in the fire to brand an entire county. He’s worked as a writer, ranch hand, landlord, drywall finisher, photographer, pastor, college instructor, roofer and more. Jack will do an outstanding job representing you in Congress because he gets how you live. You can relate to this guy.

Too many Washington, D. C. politicians have the wrong priorities. They’re bickering about how to spin American history and blabbering on TV interviews to raise money while avoiding the challenges facing ordinary Montanans – things like trying to make a living in Billings where housing costs are out of control or worrying about local access to quality, affordable healthcare in rural communities like Hinsdale and Broadus. And what about the drought and fires that are burning up our state? Jack has found solutions for problems with people who had differing opinions while serving on governing boards and as a college faculty member. I’m confident he’ll be an effective Representative for Montana no matter which party is in charge in Washington.”

Note: Brian Schweitzer is widely considered one of Montana’s most popular governors of all time.